About: Pencils and Canoes

There was a time, as a little girl, when I would take a pencil to bed during nap time. Before falling asleep I sat up in bed and drew on the wall, creating, over time, a line of miniature drawings the entire length of my bed. My parents actually allowed it! After walls I discovered the formica desktops in elementary school. The smooth surface had a pleasing feeling against the movement of the Laddie pencil. My teachers actually did not allow it.

Eventually I discovered paper and the convenience of its portability. This was handy, as I had also discovered the great outdoors, particularly canoe camping. Paper and pencil came along with me on canoe trips. By my early 20’s I was leading canoe trips in Canada and sketching the “wind swept pines” and the long lakes and far shorelines. Ever since then sketching has become integral to my canoe trips, a way to record and remember the wildness of places travelled. Canoeing and painting have become integral to my life. The one-room, off-grid cabin in Vermont where I live and paint is like a base camp from which the next trip is staged.